Panetone Wedding Colours for 2020

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Colour Wedding trends for 2020

The 2020 wedding trends are being set, to give you, ideas for your dream wedding in France. What Colours next season inspire you with your wedding themes?

This up coming season, the trends are having a combination of colours and are very popular with the French culture. The pantone colour combo palettes are fresh and crisp for the next bridal season.

After a vibrant end to 2019, with “living coral” being one of the most favourites from the pantone colour combo palette and named colour of the year for the 2019 bridal season. Sticking with the 50 shades of the sea theme, the Pantone colour of the year for this next season is still with coral in mind, but this time being “Bleached Coral” a beautiful take on what lies beneath.

If you’re interested in a more passionate colour for love, for 2020 then there is a new fiery red “Flame Scarlett” for you to try.

Another very popular colour from the pantone colour combo palette is "Grape Compote". If you’re head over heels for those purple tones, then you’ll be very fond of "Grape Compote" indeed.

This is one of my favourite colours from the pantone collection, for those who love Green. There’s a stunning and elegant “Chive” for a richer look or for a lighter shade of there’s a bright and dazzling “Biscay Green.”
These pantone colour combo palettes are all the best colours for your wedding themes, dresses and flowers of your 2020 French Wedding Dream.

Which one will you choose?

Katie Willett
Author of Brides in France

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